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What If You’re Not Sure Whether an Order Is Final and Appealable?

By Robin Bresky |


Bringing Up Baby: Estate Planning for Your Little Bundle of Joy

By Robin Bresky |

By Jennifer L. Fulton, Esquire It’s easy to think that estate planning is just for those with a little gray around the temple.  However, the birth of a little one is a very important time to talk about your estate plan.  And yes, grandparents can talk about it too. As parents, now is the… Read More »


Law Offices of Robin Bresky Prevails in Classifying Order as Final, Appealable Order

By Robin Bresky |

August 2019 District courts of appeal have jurisdiction to review final orders under Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.110 and certain nonfinal orders under Rule 9.130. Other kinds of nonfinal orders not listed in Rule 9.130 cannot be reviewed via an interlocutory appeal; they can be reviewed only within a plenary appeal from an… Read More »


Attorney’s Fees and the Requirement of Expert Witness Testimony in Florida

By Robin Bresky |

July, 2019 A party to litigation in Florida is often entitled to recoup its reasonable attorney’s fees from the opposing party pursuant to a statute or a contract between the parties. Florida law requires in most cases that a party seeking its fees from the opposing party introduce the testimony of an expert witness… Read More »