As Seen In Forbes…Boutique Practice Exclusively Focused on Appellate Law

As Seen In Forbes, December 28, 2015

Appellate law practice requires the ability to view cases through a spe­cific lens, and the attorneys at The Law Offices of Robin Bresky have devoted their practice to bringing the nuances of the appellate process into focus.

As a boutique firm, Bresky and her team handle only appellate cases and litigation support, working with clients and fellow attorneys throughout Florida. The Bresky team brings fresh eyes and a new perspective to its cases, which span civil, administrative and criminal law.

We have outstanding, high-level academic at­torneys, and we focus on the processes involved,” says Bresky, who founded her firm in 2000.  “We concentrate on the procedure. What worked in the trial court won’t necessarily work in the appellate court. It’s a different form of persuasion, a differ­ent form of advocacy.”

Supporting Other Attorneys

Because of its focus on appeals, Bresky’s firm offers an outstanding ability to “speak the language” of appellate law. That’s why many other lawyers turn to Bresky for help with appellate cases and litigation support, including writing complex dispositive motions or responses.

Attorneys also value Bresky and her team for their ability to offer an unbiased case analysis, which can be a challenge for trial lawyers who are deeply involved and invested in their cases. Bresky’s team scours court transcripts even before speaking with the trial attorney, to ensure objectivity.

“In the appellate arena, everything is based on the law and on the record, so we’re an objective reviewer looking at the record on appeal, just as the judges are going to do,” Bresky says. “Transcripts and memories can be very different. We concentrate on the essential areas and the standards of review that need to be set forth.  The winning issues in the trial court might not carry the day in the appellate court.”

A Depth of Experience

Bresky praises her team’s deep experience and unwavering attention to detail.  Bresky is joined in her practice by Randall Burks, Jeremy Dicker, Michele Feinzig, Jonathan Mann and Joanne Rose Telischi.

Burks, a Senior Associate, formerly ran his own practice and served as an appellate lawyer for two of the largest government agencies in Florida. Mann, a Senior Associate, recently became a board-certified appellate specialist, and Dicker came to the practice this year from the staff of Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy A. Quince. Feinzig and Telischi are both of counsel to the firm, and each has more than two decades of experience.

Collectively, the team has handled hundreds of appeals in every Florida appellate court, in addition to many federal cases.

“Our team works together, including our paralegals , who are instrumental to meeting deadlines, handling filings and providing client care,” Bresky says. “Even though one attorney might be working on a given case, it’s really a team effort for every client.”


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