Citizens Bank, N.A. v. William J. Vincent, Case No. 4D13-4692, Opinion issued June 25, 2015*

The firm, through Of Counsel attorney Michele Feinzig, recently prevailed in an appeal taken by Citizens Bank from a Summary Final Judgment in favor of our client on a claim for breach of a Guaranty.  Our client, Mr. Vincent, was sued by the Bank in January 2009, and in June 2009, the trial court entered an order granting his motion for summary judgment.  At the time, Mr. Vincent was acting pro se, and his motion for summary judgment was granted because he successfully proved through evidence that the Bank had no interest in the case, and no relationship to the matter at issue.  Over the course of the more than four years that followed, the Bank filed three separate motions for reconsideration, but to no avail.  After judgment in our client’s favor was finally entered, the Bank appealed.  Initially, the Bank sought oral argument in the appeal, but after our Answer Brief was filed, the Bank moved to withdraw its request for oral argument, and oral argument was not held.  On June 25, 2015, the Fourth District Court of Appeal per curiam affirmed the Summary Final Judgment in our client’s favor.  The appellate court also conditionally granted our client’s motion for appellate attorneys’ fees, and remanded that issue to the trial court.  More than six years after our client was sued and won his motion for summary judgment, we have finally secured relief for him from the Bank’s lawsuit, and now have the opportunity to make him whole by seeking attorneys’ fees.