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Bresky Law Can Assist Your Litigation Team With Pre-trial and Trial Support Projects

In April 2021, the Florida Supreme Court issued an administrative order that mandates most civil litigation be streamlined and expedited to help clear a backlog of cases caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we recognize that some litigation teams will need additional support to meet certain deadlines and comply with the order. Bresky Law has been providing litigation support services to South Florida law firms for the past 20 years. 

We work with trial lawyers on the key issues and strategies that will be important not only to successful resolution of the case at the trial level but also will be important if there is ultimately an appeal. This “second set of eyes” is critical to achieving the desired outcome.

The litigation and trial support projects that Bresky Law performs include:


  • Researching and analyzing key issues of law
  • Preparing complaints
  • Briefing and arguing dispositive motions
  • Creating proposed jury instructions
  • Developing a strong legal analysis
  • Preparing motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, and strong responses to such motions

Effective research and preparation in the pretrial or trial phases can often mean the difference between ultimate success in the case and success or failure on appeal, if the case goes to appeal.

At Trial

During the trial, we will focus on

  • Capturing the necessary legal issues
  • Preserving objections in the trial record so that the trial lawyer can better focus on the flow of the trial 
  • Framing the salient legal issues appropriately in preparation for a possible appeal. Preservation of a trial record for potential appeal is extremely important.

Our litigation support and trial support assistance can be invaluable in ensuring that all possible bases for either reversing or affiriming a judgment on appeal have been identified and will be available to use in the appellate court. 

Our experience has earned the trust of trial attorneys who consult with us to shape litigation strategy before and during a trial. Collaboration with our firm is a valuable resource that greatly benefits both attorneys and their clients.

“I brought in Bresky Law to assist with a family law matter in the trial court. They developed the legal argument, drafted the memorandum of law, conducted in-depth research and provided additional litigation support. Working with Bresky Law was seamless, and I was highly impressed with their work."
- Doreen M. Yaffa, Esq.