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Law Offices of Robin Bresky Successfully Defends Judgment in Favor of Injured Plaintiff from Challenge Alleging Improper Service of Process

By Robin Bresky |

May 10, 2018* Our firm recently obtained affirmance of a final judgment rendered in favor of our client, a plaintiff who was injured after tripping and falling over uneven and misaligned concrete located on the defendant’s property. The plaintiff’s process server served the defendant with the lawsuit by personal service on the defendant’s registered… Read More »


The Fourth District Court Of Appeal Disapproves The Clerk Of The Court’s Practice Of Backdating Judgments

By Robin Bresky |

In Guy v. Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc., Case No. 4D17-3335 (Fla. 4th DCA Apr. 25, 2018), the summary judgment hearing in a foreclosure case was held on an afternoon in September of 2017. However, the lower tribunal’s clerk’s office’s electronic time stamp revealed that the final judgment was filed approximately five hours before the scheduled hearing…. Read More »