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If you need a lawyer, there are many to choose from in South Florida, no matter what type of case or problem you have. However, when you seek to reverse a court decision or are protecting a favorable judgment or order from reversal on appeal, your choices for effective legal representation are much fewer, and the choice you make is critical.

Bresky Law handles appeals, appellate law, litigation support, estate planning and estate administration. We work with attorneys throughout the state of Florida and are adept at working on all types of civil cases including family law, probate, commercial litigation, and personal injury, as well as administrative law and criminal appeals. We focus on the processes involved, with a commitment to achieving ideal results.

Appellate Work

We understand that by the time your case has gone through trial, you’ve invested substantial resources – time, money, and effort. At a point when you may feel exhausted with the case, you need to muster all your strength and ability and apply it to your appeal. Appellate attorney Robin Bresky will bring fresh eyes and a new perspective to your case, examining the original ruling and trial process piece by piece and identifying which potential appellate issues to emphasize and which to abandon. This highly introspective examination of the case and trial is done without emotional involvement or preconceived notions about the client. It is an analytical examination of what has taken place thus far. It involves an in-depth review of applicable legal theories and appeal strategy, ultimately leading to the written brief.

What You Can Expect From Bresky Law:

    Unwavering attention to detail and a meticulous review of your appealResearch, research, and more researchThe ability to “speak the appellate judges’ language” as the appeal is presentedA deep understanding of the appeal process and appellate lawExceptional writing ability

Our appellate law firm is highly knowledgeable about the rules governing when appeals can or must be taken, and what appellate briefs and record or appendix must contain. The information that the panel of appellate judges will review and base their decision on is limited to the appellate brief and the record from the trial court, including transcripts of the hearings or trial.  Your appellate attorney must be well versed at analyzing and summarizing the trial record and presenting the information in a concise, effective way. These are unique skills and talents that you will find at our law firm. It is our responsibility, to both our clients and the appellate courts, to raise only those issues likely to persuade the court in our client’s favor. Our preparation of succinct, well-crafted briefs is exceptional and our oral arguments are compelling.

Note that in addition to trial verdict appeals, we handle appeals from other judgments (such as summary judgments) and orders  (such as orders dismissing a case)  interlocutory and administrative appeals and petitions for original writs (writs of certiorari, mandamus, prohibition, quo warranto, habeas corpus, and “all writs”).

Litigation Support & Trial Assistance

The same attention to detail and ‘no stone unturned’ case analysis that result in an effective appeal can also be of great value as you attempt to settle a civil case or prepare it for trial. Litigation Support (such as drafting persuasive dispositive motions or responses) is our firm’s second area of focus, and we have a strong track record of supporting attorneys and law firms who are handling challenging civil cases. Experienced litigation support can make the difference between victory and defeat in your trial or administrative proceeding, and it can also strengthen your chances if the case goes to appeal.

In a high-stakes case where the losing party can be expected to appeal, it just makes sense to consider the tactics and strategies that will ultimately win the case in front of a jury or on appeal. Prior to and during a trial, we are able to efficiently provide assistance with:

    Pretrial motions, motions in limine or to suppress, motions for summary judgement, and motions for reconsideration or rehearingPlanning your case strategy and helping clients protect or challenge significant rulings in advance of trial and judgment, or post-judgementIdentifying precautions, such as preserving objections,  that can greatly enhance the trial attorney’s chances of winning on appeal, should it come to thatDefinition of the issues in terms favorable to your clientIn-depth legal or factual research activitiesDocumentation, drafting, and writing, including drafting solid proposed orders and judgements that will be more likely to withstand an appeal

See the Litigation Support section of our site for more about our services in this area.

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The information here was designed to give you an understanding of what you will receive should you choose Bresky Law for assistance with your appeal, litigation support, trial preparation, estate planning and estate adminstration. Your inquiries are welcome at all times. Contact us at 561-994-6273 or by email. We have offices conveniently located in Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, Florida.  We serve clients and lawyers throughout the state and the nation.