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When Planning for Your Family’s Future, “Paws” to Remember the Four-Legged Members

By Robin Bresky |

By Jennifer L. Fulton, Esquire The Law Offices of Robin Bresky For many of us, our pets are beloved members of the family.  And sometimes they outlive us.  A cockatoo or Amazonian parrot, for example, can easily live for 75 years, and even dogs and cats often live up to 20 years.  What happens… Read More »

Should Estate Plans be Updated for Those Who Relocate to Florida?

By Robin Bresky |

Has a friend, family member or colleague recently relocated to Florida or thinking of moving to the Sunshine State? They may have a will or a full estate plan that was prepared by an attorney in another state, or perhaps they haven’t yet taken the important step of planning their estate. Either way, a… Read More »


Gender Equality: Taking Back the Noun “Lawyer”

By Robin Bresky |