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Robin Bresky

Five Things You Should Do in the Trial Court to Boost Your Chance of Winning an Appeal

By Robin Bresky |

Everything you do in the trial court should be geared towards a potential appeal. It seems that one side or the other is likely to appeal nearly any order. If you’re the Appellant, trying to reverse an order adverse to your client, the statewide statistics show less than a 20% chance of success on… Read More »

Jennifer Fulton

Protecting Your Adult Children: The Underappreciated Benefit of a Revocable Living Trust

By Robin Bresky |

By Jennifer L. Fulton, Esquire The Law Offices of Robin Bresky The golden age of the pension plan is waning.  Social security is at risk of going bankrupt. The divorce rate has risen, and can wreak financial havoc in a person’s life.  How will your children retire?  While you may not be able to… Read More »


Bringing Up Baby: Estate Planning for Your Little Bundle of Joy

By Robin Bresky |

By Jennifer L. Fulton, Esquire It’s easy to think that estate planning is just for those with a little gray around the temple.  However, the birth of a little one is a very important time to talk about your estate plan.  And yes, grandparents can talk about it too. As parents, now is the… Read More »


Attorney’s Fees and the Requirement of Expert Witness Testimony in Florida

By Robin Bresky |

July, 2019 A party to litigation in Florida is often entitled to recoup its reasonable attorney’s fees from the opposing party pursuant to a statute or a contract between the parties. Florida law requires in most cases that a party seeking its fees from the opposing party introduce the testimony of an expert witness… Read More »


Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Affirmance of Final Judgment for Tenant Injured at Apartment Building*

By Robin Bresky |

Our firm recently obtained an affirmance of a final judgment rendered in favor of an injured tenant following a favorable verdict. The tenant plaintiff suffered injuries when he fell on the stairs outside of his apartment as the result of a loose handrail. The plaintiff sought damages from the landlord, who owned the apartment… Read More »


Trial Court Grants Motion for Rehearing in Favor of Client Who Received Litigation Support from the Law Offices of Robin Bresky

By Robin Bresky |

Following the trial court’s dismissal of his Second Supplemental Petition to Permit Relocation with Minor Child in a paternity action, the Father retained the Law Offices of Robin Bresky to draft a Motion for Rehearing to be filed by trial counsel. Recently, the trial court granted the Motion for Rehearing, which effectively undid the dismissal… Read More »

Should Estate Plans be Updated for Those Who Relocate to Florida?

By Robin Bresky |

Has a friend, family member or colleague recently relocated to Florida or thinking of moving to the Sunshine State? They may have a will or a full estate plan that was prepared by an attorney in another state, or perhaps they haven’t yet taken the important step of planning their estate. Either way, a… Read More »

Randall Burks

Law Offices Of Robin Bresky Obtains Reinstatement Of Appeal For New Client Who Had Filed Appeal Pro Se

By Robin Bresky |

By Randall Burks A new client recently approached The Law Offices of Robin Bresky to represent him in an appeal after filing the notice of appeal on his own, pro se. When our attorneys reviewed the appellate court’s docket, they discovered that the court had dismissed the appeal several weeks earlier. The order of… Read More »


Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Order Denying Discretionary Review of Probate Matter in Florida Supreme Court

By Robin Bresky |

October 25, 2018* The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently assisted an elderly client in obtaining dismissal of a trustee’s attempt to take a probate proceeding to the Florida Supreme Court. Our client was the beneficiary of a decedent’s will and trust. The Trustee initiated the probate case as personal representative of the estate…. Read More »


Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Reversal of Order Granting Summary Judgment

By Robin Bresky |

August 17, 2018* The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently assisted a chiropractic care center in obtaining reversal of a county court order granting final summary judgment in favor of an insurance company that our client had sued. Our client provided medical treatment to an insured patient following a car accident. Our client later… Read More »