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Appellate Attorney Robin I. Bresky Honored With 2019 Soroptimist International Women of Distinction Award

By Robin Bresky |

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Appellate attorney Robin I. Bresky, Founder and President of The Law Offices of Robin Bresky, won the 2019 Soroptimist International Women of Distinction award in the category of Community Involvement. Bresky was recognized for her many contributions to Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County where she has served as… Read More »

Randall Burks

Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Per Curiam Affirmance for Appellees in Ejectment and Conversion Case

By Robin Bresky |

The Law Offices of Robin Bresky in Boca Raton, Florida, recently helped its clients, who are landowners in Hendry County, to maintain the victory they had previously won in the trial court in a case involving the ejectment of squatters from their farmland and the assessment of damages for the squatters’ conversion of personal… Read More »

Robin Bresky

Five Things You Should Do in the Trial Court to Boost Your Chance of Winning an Appeal

By Robin Bresky |

Everything you do in the trial court should be geared towards a potential appeal. It seems that one side or the other is likely to appeal nearly any order. If you’re the Appellant, trying to reverse an order adverse to your client, the statewide statistics show less than a 20% chance of success on… Read More »

Jennifer Fulton

Protecting Your Adult Children: The Underappreciated Benefit of a Revocable Living Trust

By Robin Bresky |

By Jennifer L. Fulton, Esquire The Law Offices of Robin Bresky The golden age of the pension plan is waning.  Social security is at risk of going bankrupt. The divorce rate has risen, and can wreak financial havoc in a person’s life.  How will your children retire?  While you may not be able to… Read More »


Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Reversal of Order Granting Summary Judgment

By Robin Bresky |

August 17, 2018* The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently assisted a chiropractic care center in obtaining reversal of a county court order granting final summary judgment in favor of an insurance company that our client had sued. Our client provided medical treatment to an insured patient following a car accident. Our client later… Read More »


Law Offices of Robin Bresky Succeeds in Appeal of Permanent Injunction for Protection Against Dating Violence

By Robin Bresky |

August 8, 2018* The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently assisted a client in obtaining a per curiam affirmance of a restraining order protecting him against violence by his former girlfriend. At the trial court level, the Petitioner filed a sworn petition for injunction for protection against dating violence pursuant to section 784.046, Florida… Read More »

Amendments to Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure Regarding Records and Appendices Took Effect October 1, 2017

By Robin Bresky |

On September 7, 2017, the Supreme Court of Florida amended the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure regarding the record on appeal and any appendix filed in appellate proceedings. The amendments took effect on October 1, 2017. In re: Amendments to the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, Case No. 16-1377 (Fla. Sept. 7, 2017). The… Read More »


Florida Supreme Court Upholds Temporary Injunction Based on Strict Scrutiny of Mandatory 24-Hour Delay Law

By Robin Bresky |

Gainesville Woman Care, LLC v. State of Florida, Case No. SC16-381 (Fla. Feb. 16, 2017). The Declaration of Rights in the Florida Constitution provides a fundamental right of privacy. “Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life….” Art. I, § 23, Fla…. Read More »


To Tweet or Not to Tweet? That is the Question (and When You’re a Juror, the Answer is No)

By Robin Bresky |

Murphy v. Roth, Case No. 4D14-4830 (Fla. 4th DCA Oct. 5, 2016)* Jury service may not be anyone’s favorite pastime, but it is a civic duty and a critical component of the system of justice. One important aspect of jury duty is the obligation to avoid communicating about the jury service or the case,… Read More »

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Law Offices of Robin Bresky Assists Former Husband in Obtaining Disqualification of Judge in Dispute After Dissolution of Marriage

By Robin Bresky |

The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently assisted a pro se former husband in successfully obtaining disqualification of the trial judge presiding over a dispute that arose after the dissolution of the parties’ marriage. The former wife had filed a motion for contempt and enforcement, seeking to compel the former husband to convey foreign… Read More »