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Take Notice: Fourth DCA Reverses Summary Judgment of Foreclosure Where Homeowner Claimed Bank Failed to Provide Notice

By Robin Bresky |

Finnegan v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 4D11-939 Deutsche Bank filed a mortgage foreclosure action alleging that Finnegan had failed to make payments on the promissory note. Deutsche Bank claimed that all conditions precedent to acceleration of the note, and the foreclosure action, had occurred. The mortgage document specified as a condition precedent that… Read More »

Rip Van Winkle and Default Judgments: Fourth Reverses Order Granting Motion To Vacate Eighteen Year Old Default Judgment

By Robin Bresky |

Block v. Tosun Case No. 4D11-1594 The Fourth District Court of Appeal (“DCA”) reviewed a trial court order granting a motion to vacate an eighteen year old default judgment without an evidentiary hearing. The plaintiff trustees had obtained a default judgment against Tosun in 1992. Eighteen years later, with no record activity having occurred,… Read More »

Fourth DCA Rules in Favor of Homeowner and against Major Bank

By Robin Bresky |

McLean v. JP Morgan Chase Bank Case No. 4D10-3429 Chase filed a foreclosure action against McLean alleging that, as the legal and/or equitable owner and holder of the Note and Mortgage, it had the right to enforce the loan because McLean defaulted under the note and mortgage. Chase asserted that it could not obtain… Read More »