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Law Offices of Robin Bresky Successfully Defends Appellate Win In Favor Of Former Wife Against Motion For Rehearing

By Robin Bresky |

Hallac v. Hallac Case No. 4D10-4450 We represented a former wife in an appeal from the trial court’s order on opposing motions for attorney’s fees following trial. On appeal, our firm argued that it was legal error for the trial court to have used our client’s refusal of a settlement offer and the fact… Read More »

Entitlement to Attorneys’ Fees Awarded Following Grant of Motion to Dismiss

By Robin Bresky |

Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.400(b) states: A motion for attorneys’ fees may be served not later than the time for service of the reply brief and shall state the grounds on which recovery is sought. The assessment of attorneys’ fees may be remanded to the lower tribunal. If attorney’s fees are assessed by… Read More »

Is Expert Testimony Necessary for Attorney’s Fees Charging Lien?

By Robin Bresky |

The issue of whether the trial court erred in denying our client’s motion for attorney’s fees based on a charging lien merely because our client did not call an independent expert witness to testify concerning the reasonableness of the fees has been certified to the Florida Supreme Court. Our client, an attorney, represented the… Read More »