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Florida Supreme Court Curtails Medical Malpractice Defense

By Robin Bresky |

Florida Supreme Court Curtails Medical Malpractice Defense Saunders v. Dickens, 39 Fla. L. Weekly S 494 (Fla. July 10, 2014)* In several medical malpractice cases, defendants have argued that the defendant doctor’s misdiagnosis did not really cause the injury if a subsequent treating physician has testified that the eventual treatment would have been the… Read More »

Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Affirmance of Summary Judgment Against Apartments That Sought to Evict Residents

By Robin Bresky |

Canterbury Apartments, Inc. v. Sokol, Case No. 10-21735 CACE (26); L.T. Case No. 09-7287 COCE (53) We represented the tenants of a unit of a co-operative apartment building. Prior to our involvement in the case, the apartment building management filed suit against our clients alleging five separate violations of the lease, corporation by-laws, and… Read More »

Tuition Tales on Trial

By Robin Bresky |

Fourth DCA:  Trial Court Erred in Holding Mother in Contempt Without Finding of Ability to Comply With Order Harris v. Hampton Case No. 4D11-966 The Fourth District Court of Appeal wrote to address an appeal of a non-final order of contempt entered after a final order in a post-dissolution of marriage case. The trial… Read More »