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Burden of Proof on the Party Asserting a Nonmarital Value to a Marital Residence

By Robin Bresky |

Konz v. Konz, 4D09-4454 June 1, 2011 The Fourth District addressed an issue of valuation regarding a marital residence during a dissolution of marriage proceeding.  At the time of the marriage, appellant, husband owned a home that had a fair market value of $380,000 with a $25,000 mortgage.  During the marriage, the home was… Read More »

Is Expert Testimony Necessary for Attorney’s Fees Charging Lien?

By Robin Bresky |

The issue of whether the trial court erred in denying our client’s motion for attorney’s fees based on a charging lien merely because our client did not call an independent expert witness to testify concerning the reasonableness of the fees has been certified to the Florida Supreme Court. Our client, an attorney, represented the… Read More »