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Undue Influence Argument Is Undone

By Robin Bresky |

Miller v. Bohan, 4D11-1169 The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently won an affirmance of a final judgment in our client’s favor in an appeal involving a trust amendment. Our client’s remaining living sister brought a lawsuit against our client contesting the trust amendment their deceased sister had executed in favor of our client…. Read More »

Free Rent Ends When New Marriage Begins: Fourth DCA Makes Clear That Awards of Exclusive Possession of Marital Home Must Provide for Termination Upon Remarriage

By Robin Bresky |

Fisher v. Fisher Case No. 4D10-383 The Fourth District Court of Appeal (“Fourth DCA”) addressed a direct appeal from a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. The trial court’s final judgment provided that the former wife and minor children would have exclusive use and possession of the marital home until the youngest child reached… Read More »