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Tipsy Coachman, Anticipatory Repudiation, and Adhering to Your Own Contractual Remedies: Fourth DCA Affirms Judgment for Prospective Home Buyers Despite Seller’s Assertion of Anticipatory Repudiation Defense

By Robin Bresky |

Shelby Homes at Millstone, Inc. v. Cullinane, 4D10-289 May 18, 2011 Four months prior to expiration of the contractual time period for completion of a home, the buyers’ counsel sent a letter to the seller’s counsel stating that the home buyers “may not be able to obtain financing under the same terms and conditions… Read More »

Reverses Order Dismissing Suit Entered Following Hearing Noticed Only as Status Conference

By Robin Bresky |

Marcline v. Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, 4D09-4948 May 25, 2011 The Fourth DCA recently reversed a trial court order dismissing the appellants’ case with prejudice entered following a status conference. The appellants had filed a claim with the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (“FIGA”) after their insurer became insolvent. The appellants eventually sued for breach… Read More »