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Fourth DCA Settles Dispute over Collapsed Roof between J.C. Penny and Dillard’s

By Robin Bresky |

J.C. Penney Company, Inc. v. Dillard’s, Inc. Case No. 4D10-1770 JCPenney sued Dillard’s for damage to its store at the Turtle Creek Mall in Mississippi. In 2005, the roof over the Dillard’s store (which was adjacent to the JCP store) collapsed from Hurricane Katrina, severing a sprinkler main and causing uncontrolled water flow into… Read More »

Insureds’ Entitlement to Attorney’s Fees Resolved – Win at the Fourth District Court of Appeal

By Robin Bresky |

Rahabi v. FIGA Case No. 4D10-846* The issue on appeal was whether our clients were entitled to an award of attorney’s fees because FIGA affirmatively denied our clients’ claim under the insurance policy prior to paying the appraisal award. Our clients’ roof was damaged by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Our clients sought coverage under… Read More »

In These Economic Times…

By Robin Bresky |

The economic downturn the country has been experiencing has affected families, individuals and corporations alike.  In Florida in particular, the insurance industry has been hard hit and eventually, the losses get passed down to the consumer.  In most cases, consumers will obtain insurance from underwriters who have contractual relationships with the actual providers.  The… Read More »