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Thinking of Handling Your Appeal Pro Se?

By Robin Bresky |

Thinking of Handling Your Appeal Pro Se? If you have lost a trial-level case or received an unfavorable interlocutory ruling, it is to your advantage to hire an appellate lawyer. Sometimes we see individuals decide to handle an appeal on their own (“pro se”), which can be complex and difficult for an individual who… Read More »

Fourth DCA Reverses Order Draft by Former Wife Forcing Sale of Former Husband’s Residence to Satisfy Alimony Arrearages Where Former Husband Had No Opportunity to Object

By Robin Bresky |

Ross v. Ross, 4D11-107 The Fourth District recently wrote to address an appeal from an order that forced the sale of the Former Husband’s residence to satisfy his alimony arrearages. The Former Wife had drafted the ten-page order that the Court characterized as “very unfavorable” to the Former Husband, as it included findings that… Read More »