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Paid In Full? Fourth DCA Holds Former Husband’s Settlement of Debt For Less Than Full Amount Sufficient Where Marital Settlement Agreement Failed to Specify Debt Amount

By Robin Bresky |

Cunha v. Cunha, 4D11-1892 The parties’ marriage was dissolved by a final judgment that incorporated a marital settlement agreement (“MSA”). The MSA gave the former husband the responsibility for paying a certain specific debt to a creditor, although the MSA did not specify the amount of that debt. The former wife filed a motion… Read More »

Law Offices of Robin Bresky Obtains Reversal of Fee Award Against Former Wife Awarded Based on Rejection of a Settlement Offer

By Robin Bresky |

Hallac v. Hallac Case No. 4D10-4450 We represented a former wife in an appeal from the trial court’s order on opposing motions for attorney’s fees following trial. Early in the dissolution of marriage case, our client had rejected the former husband’s settlement offer and made a counteroffer. The case proceeded to trial and our… Read More »