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Law Office of Robin Bresky Obtains Reversal Where The Trial Court Excluded Stocks As Marital Income, Failed To Identify Marital Property In Jamaica, and Abused Its Discretion In The Parenting Plan

By Robin Bresky |

Preudhomme v. Bailey Case No. 4D10-3262 Our firm challenged the trial court’s final judgment on behalf of a former wife claiming that the lower court erred in dividing the assets, calculating income of the husband, awarding an inadequate amount of alimony, calculating child support payable by the wife, and including overly restrictive parenting provisions…. Read More »

What’s Good For One Child May Not Be Good For Another. Fourth DCA Affirms Termination of Mother’s Parental Rights to One of Several Children.

By Robin Bresky |

S.L. v. Department of Children & Families Case No. 4D11-3844 The trial court rendered an order terminating a mother’s parental rights to her minor child, S.A. S.A., whose father was serving a long sentence of incarceration, was residing with his half-siblings (the mother’s other children) and their father. The Department had sought to terminate… Read More »