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Unauthorized Practice of Law Order Reversed; Colorado Attorney’s Professional Reputation Vindicated

By Robin Bresky |

Bovino v. MacMillan, 4D11-3105 The Law Offices of Robin Bresky recently won reversal of a trial court’s erroneous order finding that our client/Appellant, a Colorado attorney, engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. The Appellant had a broad power of attorney (POA) relating to the financial affairs of a man that he represented in… Read More »

Fourth DCA Reverses Order of Contempt

By Robin Bresky |

Parris v. Silveira and Parris Case No. 4D11-3006 Angelica Parris gave birth to a child while married to Joseph Parris. Angelica later filed for divorce, representing in her petition for dissolution that there were no minor children of the marriage. The trial court entered a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. Silveira later filed… Read More »

What’s Good For One Child May Not Be Good For Another. Fourth DCA Affirms Termination of Mother’s Parental Rights to One of Several Children.

By Robin Bresky |

S.L. v. Department of Children & Families Case No. 4D11-3844 The trial court rendered an order terminating a mother’s parental rights to her minor child, S.A. S.A., whose father was serving a long sentence of incarceration, was residing with his half-siblings (the mother’s other children) and their father. The Department had sought to terminate… Read More »